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Pastel. It’s been around for as long as I can remember… worn rebelliously or simply because you couldn’t afford to refresh your vivid color. I find it so romantic and expressive…

It makes me think back to moments of my life where I was judged or questioned about who I am and my interests. How something so trifle as changing my hair color was a sure sign that something must be wrong, that I must be unhappy. (Maybe I was, who cares. Ever heard of self-awareness, self-expression?). I’ve never colored my hair to please anyone but myself. I’ve never needed permission. It’s MY fucking hair.

The thing about our “mainstream society” is that when some of them finally bore themselves with their neutral lives, they begin to open up and accept that different is okay, in fact, different is refreshing. It happens with every generation in every aspect of society. It’s not okay… okay, now it’s okay. Now, with this new, young and slightly narcissistic generation…. different is mainstream and the industry knows it. Artful expression is “in” (I still say it was never “out”). I’m just glad to finally see smiles and faces of intrigue these days, instead of faces of question and judgement. Sigh.

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I’d like to introduce you to my first love… Bob.  Short, long, wavy, sleek, textured, asymmetrical, layers, no layers, bangs, no bangs.  Bob is so versatile, he’d spring a romance with any girl as long as the combination of variation is a match. Now, you must know, Bob is a modern, chic and edgy guy. He’s not interested in looking dated… he needs a free spirit. If Bob is someone you’d be interested in, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to find your perfect match.

Round Face Girl
C’mon ladies, you can rock this.  A below-the-chin bob will help lengthen your shape. No layers, but definitely uneven texture, especially around the face. I love movement in this hairstyle but your Stylist must know how much is too much texture and not enough. You should be able to wear this messy or sleek. Part? Stay away from the center. Bang? Sure. Choppy or side swept. Blunt bangs will only make you look more round. My favorite version is tousled and natural, somewhat bed head-ish. So darn easy… so damn sexy.

Oval Face Girl
Oval girls can rock any variation, depending on the thickness of your hair and of course, your lifestyle. Long Oval? Go with a bang to shorten the distance. Wanna wear a part? You lucky girl, wear a center if you’re chic or go to the side and relax. I love seeing Oval girls wearing it just at the jawline with a short wispy bang. So edgy.

Heart Face Girl
Some Heart girls can wear it at the chin length, but my preference would be slightly longer. You want to fill in where the chin is the most narrow. Definitely add some layers to soften the shape. I’d go for the bangs below the brows to draw more attention to your eyes and cheek bones. (I know, maintenance bang trims… but I can teach you how to do a proper at-home-bang-trim - stay tuned for a new post). No volume for this version either, you don’t want to add to the width of your crown.

Square Face Girl
The goal is to create more balance. I love the angled bob with longer pieces at the front that gradually get shorter at the back. You want to keep your hair close to your face, so even a wispy side swept bang can help soften the lines.  I love breaking up the part, keeping it jagged and off centered so that it creates a deconstructed look. Prefer a long bob? No problem, just make sure you add some uneven layers and wear it wavy to diffuse harsh lines.

Still not sure? Here’s something to try… wear it for a day, a week or how about a night out just for fun. My most recent favorite (since I’m still enjoying my long hair) The Faux Bob. Ok so he’s more of a fling than a romance but maybe you’re not the relationship girl. There’s no shame in that.

Blow dry your hair with a paddle brush or just your fingers.  With a large barrel curling iron (T3 Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic 1.25”) create some uneven waves and texture. Give yourself a sexy side part, you can make it clean for a glamourous look or jagged for a relaxed look. Gather all your hair into a ponytail, but the elastic will wrap around the ends (about 3-4 inches from the bottom) not at the nape. Take the ends and slowly roll them under until you reach the preferred length (the nape for short bob, the neck for mid length bob and the shoulders for long bob). Secure the rolled-under ends with a few grips (bobbi pins) - try wiggling them up and down through your hair rather than shoving them in.  The grips can only hold as much hair that can fit through the open end. Once your bob is secure, pull a few strands out around your face or throughout to create an unkept look. Finally, hit it with some spray (KMS Hair Stay Medium Hold Spray).


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For ages, society has declared long hair as a symbol of youth, health, fertility, sexuality, strength, power, wealth and status.  But what does it mean to the individual? The one who cares for it, protects it, adorns it.  These days, does long hair truly make you look “more beautiful”? Let’s explore deeper… the way it feels on your skin, against your face, the tickle on your back, the warmth on your neck and shoulders. The way it smells, whether freshly clean or lived in. The way it comforts you when touched, the rush when it’s tugged, the fear when it’s in danger. It allows you to hide and be vulnerable, to be noticed and admired, to be versatile and comfortable.  It gives you responsibility… to be kind to it, to care for it, to plant the proper seeds for it to grow.  So, does it truly make you look “more beautiful”?  I think the answer is this… Hair (no matter what length or style) makes you feel human.  It’s something you can control, it’s uniquely yours… it’s freedom.  When you feel free on the inside, it exudes beautifully. The point is, it doesn’t really matter what society thinks it represents… what matters more is how your hair makes you feel.  Be inspired, be free, be you!

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Jessica Alba with Michelangelo di Battista for Vogue Italia Apr 2011

I love this editorial… but I’m not in love with Jessica.  She’s so perfectly flapper-esque in those killer sophisticated ensembles and I adore the bob and bangs. I love the concept of contrast with dirty vintage cars and the dingy, dark lit garage… but I wish someone else was the muse! Jessica’s just not doing it for me.  Where’s the emotion? A perfect example why it is so important to cast the right model!

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Every time I think I’m over my fringe, I’m not.  I’ll sweep them over to a side and start the “growing out” process.  I’ll glance in the mirror with excitement knowing that in 3 months they’ll reach the tip of my nose.  I can sweep them over my eye (my personal ode to Aaliyah), I can pin them into a fringe roll, I can tease them into a fringe hawk!  Wait… that means I’ll need another 3 inches to reach my chin-length goal, which is another 6 months! Forget it, I can’t wait that long… I’ll miss my fringe too much ;-)

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I dig Rihanna’s look, I do.  She’s definitely doing the cropped hairstyle so well, whether edgy or classic.  But, I’m taking it back to 1991 Steven Meisel with Linda Evangelista… I mean, really… this is one of the sexiest, if not the sexiest cropped hairstyle photographed.  Twenty-two years later and it’s still hot… and so is this shoot (love Meisel).

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